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Nov. 15-22, 2020

Due to Covid-19 conditions, our annual fall retreat has been modified from residential to on-line, to allow for participation from your home.  There will be a daily retreat schedule to follow, and an on-line meditation and Dharma talk every evening, which will be offered through Skype. The retreat will allow for full or part-time participation, so that you will be able to weave it into home life, accommodating various daily activities including work, childcare, family life, etc. The retreat format will provide a good opportunity for retreat, as well as integrating the practice of mindfulness into everyday life.
Participants will need to work out beforehand with their home/daily life situations how they are able to participate, i.e. following the daily schedule fully for the duration of the retreat, or for a few days, or partial days such as for morning meditations and evening meditations and Dharma talks, or whatever works best.
The retreat will be held from Sunday, November 15 (7 p.m.) to Sunday, November 22 (noon). We will be entering into the spirit of retreat and practice for the week together, with clear intention and commitment to practice, to follow the schedule as we are able to, while also accommodating the needs of home life and daily activities, using those activities as an opportunity to cultivate mindfulness, presence throughout the week in whatever we are doing. 

Registration cost is $125 (payable by e-transfer to info@wrdharmacentre.com), plus teacher dana. Email the Dharma Centre to register or for further information.

Teacher: Susan Child began practicing meditation, and engaging in spiritual inquiry in the 1970s. Since 1991, she has been involvedsue 2 extensively in Buddhist study and practice in Asia, Europe and North America, with respected Dharma teachers, primarily in the Theravadan and Tibetan traditions of Buddhism. Susan has completed a 3-year Buddhist teacher training program with Ken McLeod. She has professional training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction with Jon Kabat Zinn, and has studied Buddhist psychology and Buddhist ministry. Susan is the founder of The Waterloo Riverview Dharma Centre ― a non-sectarian centre for meditative practice in the Buddhist tradition ― where she is the spiritual coordinator, and teaches meditation.