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Waterloo Riverview Dharma Centre
presents the 13th Annual
Waterloo Buddhist Film Festival
Saturday, November 5 2016, 4-9:30 p.m.

Emmanuel United Church Hall, 22 Bridgeport Rd. W. Waterloo
Golden Kingdom
Shot entirely in newly-opened Myanmar with non-actors, Golden Kingdrom bridges spirit, cinema, and traditional Burmese storytelling to open a view onto an unseen world.
Set and shot in a remote (and real) monastery in Shan State, Golden Kingdom is a narrative feature film about four orphan boys, novice monks living in a Buddhist monastery in a remote part of Northeast Burma. The head monk departs on a long journey from which he may never return, leaving the boys alone in the middle of the forest.  Once the boys are on their own, strange, magical occurrences begin to pass. Orphan Witazara realizes he must protect the three other boys throughout this series of bizarre events, which threaten to unravel the fabric of the young monks’ reality.
Written/directed by Brian Perkins.
2015. 104 minutes.
Showtime: 4 p.m.


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Tashi & the Monk
Emmy Award Winner: Best Short Documentary!
On a remote mountaintop, a brave social experiment is taking place.
Buddhist Monk Lobsang was trained under the guidance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama but eight years ago he left behind a life as a spiritual teacher in the United States to create a unique community in the foothills of the Himalayas which rescues orphaned and neglected children.

Five-year-old Tashi is the newest arrival. Her mother recently passed away and she’s been abandoned by her alcoholic father. Wild and troubled, Tashi is struggling to find her place amongst 84 new siblings. Lobsang has channeled his own unhappy childhood into an opportunity for other ‘uninvited guests of the universe’ to avoid a similar fate. But can the community’s love and compassion transform Tashi’s alienation and tantrums into a capacity to make her first real friend?
Directed by Johnny Burke and Andrew Hinton.
2014. 39 minutes. Showtime: 7 p.m.

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For the Coyotes
A narrative feature film about death, integrity, Buddhism, love and delusion....set in the deep forests of Northern California.
Wendell has made peace with his own mortality in the face of late-stage cancer.   His son Josh, however, is resisting,   denying. After a five-year estrangement, father and son are now together in a remote cabin.
As Wendell forgives himself for his own inadequacies, Josh releases years of pain, anger and resentment towards his father, a renowned Buddhist teacher.
Written/directed by Eric Daniel Metzgar    and starring James Carpenter and Josh Schell.
2015. 94 minutes.
Showtime: 8 p.m.


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Includes a Vegetarian buffet dinner catered by
Vijay's Indian Cuisine   

Tickets: $55 at the door for adults;
$40 at the door for students.

                            Sponsored in part by   SE   and   VJ